alea iacta esto

This Fascination with Palin, That Fascination With Hitler

For a mind as thoroughly moronic as a faggot but as slimy and devious as a worm, Sarah Palin has come a long way. So did Hitler. Like the erstwhile Fuhrer of the Nationalsozialistische Party, the North Star Barracuda is tenaciously building up a loyal army of ants who watch her back and will die for her. This group of angry miscreants are definitely (potentially) dangerous. They poison the minds of any who would dare think, reason and look about for facts but are weak in spirit. Mrs P’s faithful adherents will not be shaken nor stirred in their convictions no matter how many lies or daft inanities are uttered by their leader and even when these unfortunate zombies are eventually cast off (as they should for being so darn stoopid) and banished to Siberia, they will still be singing the party line like the brain dead Bolsheviks of old. Why the fascination with Mrs P? Here’s Hannah Arendt:

“Fascination is a social phenomenon. Society is always prone to accept a person offhand for what he pretends to be, so that a crackpot posing as a genius always has a chance to be believed. In modern society with its characteristic lack of discerning judgment, this tendency is strengthened, so that someone who not only holds opinions but also presents them in a tone of unshakable conviction will not so easily forfeit his prestige, no matter how many times he has been demonstrably wrong”.

Palin, like Hitler, has chained herself to some angst afflicting her people. And this is the truly scary thing: the more she makes things up and blubbers them out into hearing range the more her mis-educated lab rats dig their heels in and sway to the music. Unlike Hitler, one would like to think she is facing a different world, a world quick to isolate and silence false prophetesses. Are we that world?


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