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Paradox and the Gay Christian

The recent spate of suicides by young gay men wouldn’t be so tragic if the whole episode wasn’t so futile. Being gay leaves many erstwhile “good” christians scrambling to find an interpretation of their faith that fits their sexuality. Reflective minds from long ago (e.g. Epicurus, Socrates, Thucydides) when the curse of religion was more acute than it is today bravely questioned the existence of gods. All around them was and around us is this inexplicable belief in something that you have to pay obeisance to but has never been demonstrated to exist. Except in myths, fables and ridiculous superstitions. Somebody sits in a room and writes a book and says an angel dictated it to him and now we (or a billion people around the world) are supposed to follow his dictation and pray towards a stone in the East. Another one goes up a mountain and claims lightning wrote god’s commandments on a slab of stone. Yet another claims he went into the desert and he saw the devil who from a mountain top showed him all the riches of the world. Moses turned a stick into a snake, Jonah lived inside a whale for 3 days, Jesus walked on water. Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt! John saw (or more likely hallucinated) the end of the world in his Revelations. The stories are incredible even if not as fantastic as some of the more ludicrous Greek myths. Where I come from in Africa, educated people still believe little girls can change into birds in the dead of night and attend witches meetings and cause havoc in the lives of innocent people who in turn gird themselves with biblical incantations. These little girls are sometimes beaten to death (or almost) to confess. And in America the President is said to be Satan. Lucifer. Angel of the morning. Hogwash the whole lot. I used to be a born-again speaking-in-(false) tongues, bible-thumping, holy ghost fearing christian. I’m an atheist now. A gay atheist.

However you look at it religion is rationalized and justified on, shall we say, puff. I won’t even say sandy foundations as that’s too much to give. There is no substance to God or the gods and the whole thing is quite clearly bunk. As Lucretius says even if the gods existed they must be somewhere far away unconcerned with human affairs since nothing we do is impacted by them. And elsewhere: “The human race is always all-ears for a fairy tale”. This is where the whole development of divine creation and intelligent design becomes a dangerous and lethal Trojan horse with false co-opting of Science implanted in the minds of impressionistic children who will then spend half their lives trying to stuff their religious beliefs into the confounding precepts of science while simultaneously trying to bury their sexuality within the hell of religion.

Some liberating thoughts for gay christians 1. The first question is not if God accepts you but is there God? There’s not. So, move on and face the fears of eternity without the promises of heaven and streets made of gold with everyone singing hallelujah till the cows come home. Why bother with a god with such s stupidly low self-esteem he needs the whole world to bow to him forever and a day. 2. You cannot fight biology. Really. If you’re gay, you’re stuffed. Game over. Accept it. It’s not about how god made you but how you’ve been fashioned by nature. A dove cannot be a hawk nor can a gazelle be as fearsome as a lion. The notion of being ex-gay is self-delusional. 3. If you do not live now you will never live again. You’re the unique creation of the DNA of your parents and when you’re dead (and we all will be someday) there’ll never be another you. Ever. Live now. Please.

Experience suggests that all of the above will be ignored by most gay christians. Ears shut, they refuse to hear. They like their comfort zones. They don’t want their faiths challenged. Being on the right side of Jesus on judgment day is the great prize. The unequal contest between spirit and flesh continues but in the end biology will win. It always does as that’s the story of evolution. If God exists, He/It/She is in our DNA.


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  1. Dimi

    I am especially curious about the world outlook of the openly, vehemently, gender-bending (well, maybe just ‘-stretching’) out-and-proud gay Christians. They project this intense intellectual anger and passion on ‘bender’ issues, campaign for respect for ambiguity and the new frontiers of diversity – and yet they insist that you keep your atheist mind ‘in the closet’ so as not to offend their religious sensitivities. Am I missing something there?

    October 13, 2010 at 7:41 pm

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