alea iacta esto

Less White Space, More Nesbo

Scandinavia is in. First Stieg Larsson, now Jo Nesbo. I haven’t read the books but everyone in London (or so it seems) is reading one of these two. After one of my friends raved about Nesbo I jumped at the chance to peek into one of his books (Nemesis) at the bookstore. What happened to me on opening to a random page was shock. Then I asked the obvious question, “Is this a child’s book?”. Was I holding the right book? (I was). 700 pages and I have never seen so much white space on a page except in story books for four year-olds. Is there a surfeit of timber in Scandinavia that’s just got to be used for something other than generating oxygen for the planet? Or am I right in thinking that it’s all to do with the psychology of readers who want to appear to be reading something substantial? In which case they may as well try Proust.


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