alea iacta esto

Nadir, Polly and his Peck

So Mr Nadir returns to the UK. For those neither old enough to remember nor literate enough to read a newspaper, Nadir fled the UK on corruption charges in 1993 and for 17 years has lived the flush life of a fugitive somewhere unpronounceable. The genius who started with a little ended with the kitty (of Polly Peck, his company) and became Britain’s 36th richest man within a few years.

He claims he did nothing wrong. They always say that. Here’s the knife, here’s the blood, here are your prints on the knife and here’s the corpse. In Nadir’s case at least he didn’t kill anyone. All he did was shift money here and there contrary to common sense and the law (I thought that’s what bankers did). When he was caught pants down he fled the country in the middle of the night on a private jet. Now that’s classy. If the UK was revolutionary Paris or Rome or Moscow I could have understood his fleeing for his life from trumped-up charges as his enemies eyed his property. But come on this is tame Britain. Even Marx is buried here.

Nadir’s come back presumably to clear his name. Frankly I struggle to understood why people think a court acquittal proves innocence while a conviction proves guilt. Have they not heard of the Birmingham Six, the Guildford Four, the Maguire Seven, Michael Anthony Green or poor Mr Billy Mills? Fooling the public that a court win has “cleared my name” is why people who can employ clever (and let’s face it dishonest and unscrupulous) lawyers. Mr Nadir claims he hasn’t done a deal. And yes I will be crowned King of England tomorrow. My hunch is that he has done a deal and either he or one of his front organisations will be listed among Tory party donors many years hence. This is only a hunch of course. I further suspect he will either (a) walk free on a technicality thus “clearing” his name or (b) be given a long sentence (as a sop to the public) only to serve a few months on account of his age and health (he’s 69) but then go on to live to 90. That’s life folks.


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