alea iacta esto

The Catholic church – why do women bother?

Women have come a long way since forever. At least for western women, they can now step out from the shadows without fear of being stoned to death, they can pursue their dreams, vote, be educated, earn a decent living and take their place alongside men in the pursuit of the good life whatever that might mean. Until the dominance of the three authoritarian and tyrannical monotheistic religions, that is Christianity, Islam and Judaism, women were in most pagan religions prominent both as devotees and as priestesses (- though I must confess with Buddhism I have never seen a female monk).

The Church of England is moving (painfully and hesitantly) towards the ordination of women into one of the last bastions of male power and privilege. The Catholic church characteristically, and au contraire, decides to “criminalise” the ordination of women.

This is the same Catholic church that forced Galileo to recant that the earth goes around the sun, the same Catholic church that sold indulgences to the simpleminded and religiously idealistic to go fight and die for some “holy” land in the middle east during the crusades. This is the same Catholic church that denounced evolution. The very same Catholic church that censures the use of contraceptives and forces the poor to breed children they can ill afford to bring up even as our blessed cardinals live in the most opulent sybaritic style in the Vatican and beyond. This is the same Catholic church that silently/surreptitiously/covertly promoted the sexual abuse of young boys. This, god help us, is the same Catholic church run by a cabal of old sterile hacks and venerated by a billion people worldwide who for some mad mad reason think uttering the sound “Hail Mary” will clear all their wrongdoings.

I can’t figure why anyone bothers with it. I thought we homo sapiens now had brains large enough to signify a higher intelligence. Was science wrong to make such an audacious claim?


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