alea iacta esto

Stage View

The view from my living room. Much drama is acted out here for my merriment: today a boy fell off his unicycle (ok, not much fun for him but I laughed anyway), earlier there were, I think they were, a number of Jehovah’s Witnesses with tracts in their hands planning which door to assault. When my bell went, I stayed still. Maybe they thought I’d be anxious to seek my salvation (today? on Pride day?). Wrong! From my chair I have seen numerous people get parking tickets ’cause they think it’s a quiet street and no ticketing creep will be around. Wrong! The creeps come out as soon as you turn your back. Last summer a gang of teenage hood(lums) living around the corner spent an inordinate amount of time vandalizing motorbikes parked on the street. Quite distressing as I thought I had moved into a genteel upper middle class neighbourhood! Wrong!


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