alea iacta esto

England Expects

England crashed out of the World Cup. The overpaid and over-worshipped buffaloes who make up the England team have finally been shown up to be phantom dragons. The problem with national sports in England (as I see it at least) is that there’s some expectation  that victory is deserved simply by being English. The concepts of work, discipline, diligence, humility and  strong team spirit seem incomprehensible to England in national sports from tennis to cricket to football. Perhaps this should not be surprising in the land that gave us Adam Smith and his laissez faire individualist philosophy. Problem is, this narcissistic ethos may have served England well when she was well ahead in pig iron production and naval technology by which she commanded the seas and bullied rivals. But the world is waking up and natural English hegemony in anything but being English is but a pipe dream. If we are to remain a notable world power then we must reinvent England on principles that go beyond expecting achievements simply by being English. England expects nothing less.


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