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My Bible Tells Me So

“Science is about how things work and christianity is about why they work”. This is the declaration of  a highly rated reviewer on Amazon. I’m guessing he means the christianity that says God loves us so much he is going to send non-believers to hell because we don’t shout hallelujah to him day and night. I used to believe all the non-sense and fancy word plays that came out of the mouths of my pastors too. The message of Jesus and the love of God. These are the same leaders fleecing their congregations because you see “God believes in prosperity”.

Science has no need for God. Art has no need for God. Life works without God. In fact Man has no need for God. When was there a time that God came down to save the babies, feed the starving or protect the embattled? Oh yes, in mythological times when people believed the world was flat. Those were the days when fire and the holy ghost would descend on the faithful and they would speak in recognised tongues from all over the world unlike the gobbledygook that fundamentalists mouth off today. Those halcyon days when you believed the prophet on spec.

Christians are probably the most simple minded, close minded, intolerant and hypocritical group that I have come across (I used to be among them). My guess is that the fanatics of the two other main religions are much the same. Mass delusion has never had it so good. The fact that God cannot be disproved does not prove its existence. And history tells us that just because one truly believes in something does not make it true. You should test everything you hear because it is a fact that men will lie, kill and make up stories to control your life. Science has found the “truths” of the bible wanting and now christians are rushing to co-opt science “oh, but that’s just the way God designed it”. Yes, like how the catholic church co-opted the mother of god myth even though it’s not biblical. But the faithful buy it. Christianity is a story. God is myth. It’s amazing what nonsense we humans will believe when “my bible tells me so”.


2 responses

  1. Dimi

    Not being a subject matter expert I contribute by deferring to the opinion of others…

    June 27, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    • d3m0la

      It’s so bewildering to witness a christian relying on facts and figures to back up an argument, is this the same person who believes in the bible and in God?

      June 28, 2010 at 10:33 pm

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