alea iacta esto

The Mullahs' Last Laugh

The ruling clerics in Iran may not know it yet but the jig is up.  When perhaps up to one in fourteen inhabitants of your capital city pour on to the streets defying whips and bullets then there are only two options left: (1) a crackdown even more repressive or (2) an accommodation of the opposition. The first is unsustainable or at least history has yet recorded a violently repressive ruling class that has not undermined itself in the end. Besides repression only makes the mullahs exactly like the shah whom the Iranians were happy to depose. The second option leads to an erosion of blind obedience by the masses. Just ask the surviving monarchies of the West. Whichever way, the autocratic power of the clerics abetted by a pliant public is gone. Maybe this year, maybe next year or even in 50 (god, no!) years. Drip, drip, drip.


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